YAP Proposal #163: From farm to pot (Peter Asuk Amba, Nigeria)


AmbaPeter_Processed and Packaged local vegetables

Production, processing (washing, slicing, blending), and packaging of healthy, non-oxidized local vegetables (‘Ugu’-Telfairia Occidentalis, ‘Waterleaf’-Talinum Triangulare, ‘Shoko’-Celosia Argentia, ‘Ewedu’-Corchorus, ‘Green/Tete’-Amaranthus Hybridus, ‘Okro’-Abelmoschus Esculentus, ‘Okazi/Afang’-Gnetum Africanum, ‘Uziza’-piper guineense, ‘Bitter leaf’-Vernonia Amygdalina) daily from farm to pot in Lagos, Nigeria.

My name is Peter Asuk Amba. I was born in Ikom, Nigeria 37 years ago, and I am a graduate of Crop Science. After graduation, I worked with an IT training company as a career consultant/marketer and rose to the rank of a business development manager. My passion for agri-business started when I was an undergraduate, where I traded on timber, cocoa and food crops.

In 2014 I resigned to pursue my passion of becoming an agro-entrepreneur with the establishment of a 6 acre GRENVEG FARM for the production, processing, packaging and sales of vegetables…

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